Monday, December 3, 2007

Weekend Update (without Tina Fey)

Quick and random thoughts after a busy weekend:

- Kyle Okposo scored a goal and an assist on Saturday night for the Gophers. After being held pointless on Friday in a loss to Michigan Tech, he contributed nicely and salvaged the split for UM. Kyle's season line stands at 6-4-10 through 16 games. We're still waiting for KO to have that huge breakout game (hat trick?) which really gets his season into gear.

- The Isles did not even show up on Saturday night versus Atlanta. Wade Dubielewicz finally got a start in goal but the team was unprepared for the Thrashers. The Isles allowed a goal in the first minute of play and sleepwalked to a 4-0 drubbing.

- As first noted by The Outsider, the New York Times has jumped on the hockey blogging bandwagon with a feature they're calling Slapshot. If their first week of Isles coverage is any indication of what's to come, it's looks like you won't need to bookmark it.

- The Islanders were one of four teams to vote against reducing the number of intradivision NHL games next year. It's easy to understand why the Isles would want to protect their lucrative dates against the Rangers, Devils, Flyers, and Penguins, but we think this is an overall positive change for the league. It will be nice to see a Calgary or Phoenix in town more than once every 3 seasons. It hurts the Islander wallet, but improves the integrity of the game.

- Jeff Tambellini is back! The Isles take on Boston tonight at NVMC. 7:10 PM start like usual!

- Lastly, as predicted (ha!), the Jets manhandled the now 0-12 Miami Dolphins. Jets, you may now commence tanking the rest of the season in order to secure that #2 draft pick.


Outsider said...

Nice summary of the Slapshot issue. To think I could have written that whole section in two sentences! Oh, well. It was a slow afternoon.

ken said...

I didn't want to repeat what you already wrote. So I just breezed over it, and if people want to explore further, I shunt the traffic over to your site.

As Mike (Islesblogger) said to me tonight, we all help each other.

Outsider said...

Ken, just in case there was any doubt, I genuinely meant that you did a nice job addressing it concisely and with impact. I was chiding myself for being long-winded.

And of course, thanks for the mention. This experience has been significantly enhanced by working in conjunction with all of you guys.