Friday, December 7, 2007

Okposo Not For Sale

With the Islanders in a bit of a downcycle and fans looking for quick-fix answers to the team's scoring woes, the Islander hype machine has turned its focus towards Kyle Okposo. And while he's nowhere near ready to play with the big club, it is nice to see some attention from the parent team going his way.

An added bonus is that we don't have to do our jobs today; you can read all of the press directly from the source(s):

First off, Newsday's Greg Logan captured GM Garth Snow's thoughts on Kyle here. The part about Kyle is toward the end of the column, and I think Snow gives an honest assessment of KO's season so far.

If that doesn't whet your appetite for Kyle media coverage, Dee Karl (the 7th Woman) alerted us to a new video clip recently posted on Islanders TV. From the Islanders homepage you'll want to select Multimedia on the top tool bar, click on Islanders TV from the drop-down menu just below, and proceed to Islanders Insider on the right and then finally Isles Files. You should see a video entitled "I on the Future - Kyle Okposo," and it's an interview with the man himself. It runs about 4 minutes.

Speaking of the man, he and his Gophers will travel to Grand Forks, North Dakota to take on University of North Dakota Friday and Saturday nights. They should be two highly competitive contests.

As always, check back with us for the results of Kyle's weekend.


Jdriver said...

Sad day...Wild blanked 5-0 and Isles lose 5th in a row. Gotta stay above .500 mark now.

The thing about Kyle is I hope the Islanders really give him the appropriate time to develop and not rush him, because they are in desperate need. Granted, they are unlike Detroit who can afford to wait with their studded roster, but ruining a player is much worse than waiting a year or two. I dont know the Islander Organization so I cant say much else, but hope Kyle can turn into someone who someday will be a serious threat and skilled player in the NHL

7th Woman said...

I think they'll be smarter with him than with previous prospects. There is a different mentality in this new Islander regime.

murph said...

That's good to hear. Getting rid of Okposo might be the final straw for me as an Islander fan. Can we let a prospect mature properly before selling him for 25 cents on the dollar? Thank goodness Mad Mike is gone.