Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Okposo Net the Influence?

One question exists about Kyle Okposo's decision to join the Islanders at the pro level as soon as possible: Was Okposo Net somehow inspiration, or perhaps, the influence that pushed Kyle to this decision? Following the "Light Fuse and Get Away" article on December 16, it was only a matter of days until the Isles and Okposo began negotiating terms to bring the prospect to the bigs following the World Junior Championship.

Let us look at the argument:

Okposo plays RW and Center. The Isles have been bouncing around RWs (Jackman, Bootland, now Comeau) while Satan and Hunter could easily bail following this season. If you picture Okposo as a center a future exists there too. Comrie, Vasicek and Hilbert could all be exiles following the season.

Now, if Okposo knows about this humble blog, which a quick browse of Wikipedia would bring him to, or for that matter word from the organization could have led him here, he could very easily have read said diatribe against the Islanders' current course of action. I am inclined to believe that Okposo sees no better time than now to make that jump to the NHL. With so many spots opening up in the near future why not? It seems to be nothing but a win-win situation for Kyle.

Why the inspiration, you ask? Thanks to NYI Blog Box this site has a nice following and Kyle must know about this blog, it is his namesake for goodness sake. Anyway, those deftly chosen words and a little holiday wishing might just have landed Okposo in the bigs which is then a win-win for everyone, from top to bottom.

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