Thursday, December 20, 2007


In honor of native Long Islander Walt Whitman, we begin a new feature called Okpoetry. If you've got an original work you'd like to submit, drop us a line in the comments section. Here are the first two submissions:

Thunder Storm

That distant clap
The "go pro" slap
We hail to you
Young, yet true
We see in your eyes
A shining surprise
Goals to reverse demise
This island franchise

We bow to the thunderclap
Rainy days, the basement bottom trap
Revive with your hands
Your stick it commands
Assist us oh youthful one
Bring us some new fun
The contract will be done
To your arms we do run

(by Brett Schmitt)

The Dream

Selling the dream
Future becomes present
Oxygen for the dyspneic
Nutrition for the starved
Failure not an option
Women dancing in jubilation
Rhythmic clapping
Marriage proposals?
Silver chalice hoisted
Welcome back, friend

(by Ken Dick)

1 comment:

OkposoNose said...

Oh So

You are oh so
Oh so Okposo
You make me go
Buzz from excitement
Your pending contract
You feet to ice
Was meant
Meant to be