Thursday, November 29, 2007

Downright Offensive

The inevitable finally happened. The Islanders lost to the Rangers. Normally that wouldn't throw me into a depression. I mean you can't win them all. However, sometimes the sports world is very good to you and other times it's very bad. It seems to be cyclical. Right now, though, every team I root for in the sporting world is completely absent of offense.

I think most of you know about the Isles' offensive woes. Unfortunately 2 goals is the maximum output this team can muster on a nightly basis. Luckily, they've been able to keep their heads above water. I suppose taking three of six points from Dallas, Ottawa, and the Rangers isn't too bad; I think we as fans somehow expected more though. As the calendar turns from November to December, let's hope that the bodies will start getting in front of the nets and the goals will come more easily. If this week was a test for the Isles, they passed, but barely.

Let's move on to the Gophers. Okposo and crew have two home games this weekend (Friday and Saturday) against Michigan Tech. On Monday the previously 15th-ranked Gophers fell out of the NCAA College Hockey poll altogether. I guess 2.25 goals per game will do that to you. Also, their special teams numbers are horrific (thanks to Gopher Puck Live for the info). A paltry 11.9% on the power play and a kill rate of 75%. Yuck. This team better find some energy pretty quickly. And that's all I care to say about that.

If I may depart from our usual format for a moment (Isles/Gophers), a word about the New York Knicks. They just lost by 45 points to Boston. It is now embarrassing to be a Knicks fan.

Wait. Check that. It continues to be embarrassing to be a Knicks fan.

Similarly, I may return on Sunday and say the same about the New York Jets. I don't care if they win another game this season, but please don't lose to 0-11 Miami. Having now said that, you may taunt me as soon as that game goes final.

And that's the state of affairs in my sports world. Very depressing.

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