Sunday, December 24, 2006

World Juniors tune-up

The U.S. team played two exhibitions in advance of the World Juniors and recorded two wins. Overall, Kyle had a goal and three assists. The games start to count on Tuesday.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Kyle's last name, Okposo, is Nigerian for "thunderstorm". His thunderous shot is currently leading the Golden Gophers with 15 goals, 5 more than his nearest teammate. He also leads the team in points. As well, he is projected to the lead the team in freshman girls lured back to his dorm room by the end of the season. Just joking.

If we see more flashes of brilliance, like his between the legs goal vs Minnesota State-Mankato., we are bound to have a true prospect-turned-star on the Islanders soon. That is, as long as we don't trade him to the Lightning.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Slanted Media Coverage

While Kyle is enjoying his first smorgasbord in Sweden waiting to participate in the World Juniors, the Islanders are under constant media scrutiny. Despite pulling off the 2 points in regulation in last night's game vs the Rangers, the sources have decided that the Islanders did not really win the game. The Rangers were robbed of the win due to the unfair 60 minute rule. If the Rangers had been allowed a little more time they rightfully would have beaten the weakling Isles. This kind of slanted perspective of Ranger superiority over teams like the Islanders is poor logic. Most teams require a "team," not 3 high-priced jerks who are the team's sole source of offensive production. Come the new year I think we might see this facade of Ranger supremacy crumble under the weight of bloated salary players like Jagr and Shanahan and the fallible nature of pseudo-coach Tom Renney.

Isles hang on at Garden

Last night our second-favorite hockey player (behind Kyle, of course), Jason Blake, netted a hat trick on enemy ice as the Islanders prevailed over the hated Rangers 4-3. This win gave the Isles an important 2 points in the standings and moved them oh so closer to ruling the NHL's Atlantic Division. The way we see it here at Okposo Net, it's just a matter of time before you see the Isles in firm command of the division. And just imagine how good they'll be when Kyle joins this already formidable squad...

Not much on the KO front, other than he'll be playing (dominating?) in the World Juniors next week in Sweden. Unfortunately, this display of Kyle's raw talent will not be televised in the U.S., so you'll have to check in here for all of the fresh Okposo news.

If you're interested, his Wikipedia page can be found here.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Okposo Net online!

Welcome to Okposo Net, the Greatest and Best Blog in the World! This is the home of all things Kyle Okposo, the New York Islanders' first-round draft pick in the 2006 NHL draft. You'll find lots of news, scores, pictures and words about future star Okposo; maybe even some Isles and Golden Gophers content thrown in for good measure.

Thanks for visiting. (While you read this, Okposo probably scored another goal...)