Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ted makes way for Al

This story has been picked up by several media outlets and fellow bloggers, but in case you missed it Al Arbour is returning! On November 3rd, the finest coach in Islanders history will get behind the bench for his 1500th game. We think it's a great move by Ted Nolan and Isles management, not only for the publicity that surrounds the event, but as a nod to history. In the current sports landscape, too many teams are quick to discard their history. The current Islanders, clearly living in the shadow of former glories, are at least acknowledging and displaying pride in their far-too-distant dynastic era. The newer, younger fans will get a chance to see (and hopefully meet and speak to) the great coach later this season. If you're an Islander fan, someone wrote, that game is a "must attend."

One question though: If the Isles win the game, are they going to change the banner in the rafters to read "740?"

Friday, September 21, 2007

We're All Islanders (Bloggers)

Welcome NYI Blog Box readers! We're so excited that the Isles have decided to make Okposo Net part of their new BLOG BOX feature. We hope to bring you all of the fresh Kyle Okposo news as it rolls in.

We must correct an injustice, though. If you found this blog through the aforementioned Isles website, you'll see a picture (unflattering) and bio of Ken Dick, known here as 'Okposo Island.' But not pictured, and deserving equal or more credit for his effort is Brett Schmitt (Okposo Nose). He's an experienced blogger and runs another Isles blog, Former Islanders Watch (http://formerisles.blogspot.com).

Brett has recently packed up his bags and moved to Beverly (Anaheim, actually) and he and his wife are expecting their first child any second now. No, I'm not joking, it could be happening right now. Or now. Anyway, he'll still be contributing to both blogs and when not juggling school and family you'll find him screaming himself hoarse for his beloved Islanders on the road versus the Kings or Ducks.

Before the season starts, we may be able to get some pictures of the Hockey Hall of Fame up for your viewing pleasure. It was a great experience, and we took lots of Isles-related pictures while there. I suggest it to any hockey fan who finds themself in Toronto.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A New York State of Mind

Hello hockey fans!

Well, it's our favorite time of the year -- hockey season! Okay, sure it's in the 70's outside and the Mets and Yanks are still doing their thing, but in this part of cyberspace we're focused on ice, vulcanized rubber, red lights, and twine...

Yours truly has been hanging out in Canada most of the summer, and have hardly had a chance to put down the Molsons and write something. But no more...The good news is that Okposo starts playing meaningful games again on October 12th...and the Isles are already working the legs in those preseason games. Sure, they dropped the first two contests, but I don't think anyone is putting too much stock in that. We're just glad that the Zamboni is oiled up and the leaves are ready to turn. Before you know it the snow will be flurrying and the pucks will be a-flyin' for real.

One minor note, last week the Isles traded former first round pick Petteri Nokielainen to the Boston Bruins for Ben Walter and a conditional 2nd round draft pick. Walter is regarded as a prospect and at 23 years old here's hoping we get to see him in Uniondale sooner rather than later.