Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Breaking News: Okposo signs with Isles

There has been a 5 PM press conference called regarding Kyle Okposo's decision to leave the University of Minnesota. He will become a New York Islander before he leaves for the World Juniors in the Czech Republic this evening.

We will bring you full coverage of the details as they unfold.

(Picture courtesy of University of Minnesota)


islesblogger said...

Once I heard news of this, I came right here this morning Ken. What's this work stuff causing you to get stuff out late too? LOL

I bet you were mad as heck today!

What a holiday surprise!

ken said...

Actually, I've been at the dentist while this news came out.

I can't believe the Isles sign him without telling me first!

Tom Liodice said...

Good stuff Ken. Most likely he'll be up in Bridgeport in I hear ROAD TRIP?!

OkposoNose said...

Scoring is down for Okposo? What to do? What to do? Make him pro! This is how we make and break prospects. Beware.

P.S. If O-Po turns into a savior please forget those last comments.

Anonymous said...

Garth Snow is a complete idoit. What kind of person wrecks a team by taking one if it's best players mid season? Then to rip to coaching for what's going with the team/Okposo's development. Way off base. Way out of line. You don't know shit about MN Hockey. Stick to running this franchise into the ground. You can't hang with MN hockey.

Are you trying to tell me that Okposo is going to replace Simon? Two different players. Dirtbag vs. Scorer. Don't get this. I don't thing Snow does either.

Once your contract is up - you're finished.

May the Isle not reach the playoffs for the next quarter century. Servers you right!!!