Saturday, November 17, 2007

Just a quickie, please...

Hey gang,

Just some random thoughts pieced together at a VERY late (or early) hour:

- Kyle Okposo scores in a 3-0 shutout over Alaska Anchorage. I see from the boxscore he had 6 SOG and 1 block as well. Nice job. Same two teams on Saturday night.

- Good (and necessary) win for the Isles. I was hoping the Isles would hang on at the end and they did, barely. All praise to DP, who recorded shutout #2 on the season. He was not giving up rebounds, and that was key. NYI at MSG on Monday.

- Prudential Center looks nice. Can't tell much from TV. I'll need to go in person to get a true measure. Might I suggest a BLOG BOX FIELD TRIP to Newark?

- This team drives me crazy when they're not crashing the net and screening the opposing goalie. Someone should tell them (I guess it would be Nolan's job?) it's easier to score that way, and by extension, win the game.

- Sounded like some Isles fans made the trip to NJ. Can we get people to travel to MSG to support the team also, or is that asking too much?

- Our condolences to Howie Rose and his family, whose stepfather recently passed away in Florida. Jiggs McDonald was in the booth again while Howie takes care of more important matters.

- Jiggs said the puckhandling of Trent Hunter reminded him of John Tonelli. Okay, Jiggs. If Hunter has 1/4 of the career Tonelli had, I'll be overjoyed.

- Lastly, to borrow from cable's most ridiculous item:

Yes, you DID hear Stan Fischler call Wayne Gretzky a 'one-dimensional player' and put him on his 4th team of all-time greats.

Um, Stan, whatever one thinks of Gretzky (and I know some people who agree with Stan), we are talking about #99, the guy who rewrote the NHL record book. The guy who if, let's say never existed, would have allowed the Isles to win perhaps, what, 5, 6, 7, Stanley Cups?

4th team? I could accept 2nd team. Or at least put him ahead of Cam Neely!?!?


Jim McGlynn said...

hey whats up fellow boxer. Yeah, Fischler is quirky with his best all time best team picks. But I love Potvin (and Bossy if I remember correclty) on the best modern team. Almost put Gillies there too. See you next week if you are going Saturday.

7th Woman said...

he said WHAT? Did he look lucid at the time? Oh boy... And hmmm.... a Blog Box Field trip? Nice idea. I LIKE IT!!!

Nick in New York said...

Sure he's one dimensional...when you're the greatest scorer in the history of the game you don't need another dimension.