Sunday, November 4, 2007

Daylight Savings Bonus Coverage

Frisky fingers on the keyboards tonight as Okposo Net brings you a third entry in under 6 hours! As you surely know by now it was Al Arbour Night on Long Island. The legendary coach came back for one more contest to make it an even 1,500 in his career. With the double-threat of Nolan/Arbour behind the bench, how could they lose?

Sure, it got off to a bad start when the man who loves to kill the Isles, Ryan Malone, tickled the twine just 12 minutes in. But then the hard-charging Isles...oh, what's that? That *was* a goal that Tyler Kennedy just scored? And it's 2-0 Pittsburgh?

Well, it couldn't last much longer, right, with a full house and Arbour Magic? And after Trent Hunter finally put a gift carom behind Marc-Andre Fleury to cut the Penguin lead in half, things were looking up. Unfortunately, a few minutes later Rick DiPietro was also looking up...right into Sidney Crosby's elevated stick blade.

And then the worry started.

"Hey! Rick's okay, he's coming back!" we thought momentarily. Nope, he was just showing the ref the blood near his right eye. And Dubie was between the pipes. A double-minor on The Kid. The Isles efforted, then came away with nothing.

But then something happened. The Coliseum got loud. And for one magical period, it was 1980 all over again. Vasicek to Satan. Goal! Crowd injecting the team with life. Under 3 minutes to play. "Let's Go Islanders!" bouncing off the walls. Off the ice. Off the low roof. Satan in front. Rebound. GOAL! Al Arbour on the bench, waving his hands in triumph. Clock ticking down now. Opposing goalie pulled. Crowd pulsating with noise. Islanders clearing the zone. 3..2..1...THE ISLANDERS WIN

I still don't know how they pulled it out. After the win a red carpet was rolled out. Legends of years past were paraded and recognized. A banner was hung. A full team photo was taken on the ice. You almost expected the Stanley Cup to be there too.

Soon, my friends. Soon.

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