Thursday, November 8, 2007

Kyle Needs a Nickname Contest

Every emerging star needs a good nickname. And Kyle is no different.

Frankly, every attempt we've heard so far has either been lame or already used by another athlete. Christian Okoye (NFL 1987-1992) was known as the 'Nigerian Nightmare', so that's out.

'KO'? Too boring, too boxing-ish.

'O.P.P.'? Weak. Same goes for 'Opie' and 'Opo', which some of his teammates call him.

We've read that Okposo means means “thunder storm” in Arabic. So that could be a starting point.

So now the burden lies upon you, fans. Come up with a good nickname. If you do, we'll make it stick. And not only that, we'll send you a prize of yet to be determined value. Maybe the better the nickname, the better the prize?

Now get to it, moniker bestowers!


AdamBez said...

Just came across your blog, looks good.
The nickname I was thinking of, since everyone mispronounces his name, is:

Silent K.

Anonymous said...

Okposo is not arabic... It comes from a local tribe dialect, Wari.

ken said...

Interesting. I read it on Kyle's Minnesota player page, and figured it might not be Arabic.