Sunday, November 25, 2007

Anyone going to Vegas?

If you're heading out to Sin City, you'd be wise to stop by the Blog Box before you go. Why's that? It seems that Tom Liodice of The Tiger Track and yours truly might win you some dough.

After dropping a 2-1 Friday afternoon affair in Boston, the two teams hopped on charters and played the second leg of the home and home gig on Long Island Saturday night. This time it wound up 2-1 in the Isles' favor, but it wasn't the usual suspects netting goals this time around.

Before the game, Tom predicted that much-maligned Andy Hilbert might break out. After New York fell behind 1-0 early in the first period (do they need to do that *every* game?) it was Mr. Andrew John Hilbert putting a blast past Boston netminder Tim Thomas. Before the red light on Hilbert's goal had gone out, I leaned over to Tom and said, "Prediction: Richard Park." I should have added "with the game winner," but I hedged a bit, and frankly I didn't think Boston would be held to a single goal.

Fast forward to 7:30 gone in the 3rd period, and whom other than Richard Park banked his second goal of the year. The crowd was so impressed with our prognosticative abilities, they did the wave for us (really).

The Isles held on for the win despite DP almost being knocked silly a few minutes before the final horn. The Isles now have 24 points in 20 games, which would project to a 98 point season if their form holds. It's early though, and as a chronic scoreboard watcher I can say that they haven't been getting much help from the other Atlantic Division foes.

Lesson? If you're in the area, you'd do well to find Tom or myself in the Islanders Blog Box at the top of section 201.

Speaking of finding the Blog Box (or not), unbeknownst to me my parents were at Saturday night's game! Given tickets at the last moment, they attended and claimed to have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. However, when mom went looking for me between periods, she assumed I sit in the press box and she was, of course, denied entry. Come on mom, you think they would let me in there? You should know they only let grown-ups in the press box!

Sadly, the University of Minnesota's season has seemingly moved into cluster**** phase. The Gophers could only manage a 3-3 tie vs. Michigan State (Okposo with 1 assist) on Friday and took a 5-1 whipping at Michigan on Saturday (Okposo with 0 points). The good news is that Okposo was the correct answer to Saturday's trivia challenge on the Islanders big screen. So thank goodness for that! No plug for this blog though, so we'll have to keep getting the word out the hard way.


Isleschick said...

It was nice meeting you and Tom last night. :)

7th Woman said...

Mom should have called your cell phone. Then you could have told her where you were. Although... i think that big blue sign is pretty noticable. Glad they enjoyed the game. It was one we ALL enjoyed!

ken said...

it was nice meeting you as well.

...and she didn't know my number!!!