Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Okposo Out for One Week

According to B.D. Gallof, Kyle Okposo's injury in last night's 2-1 win over Vancouver will cause him to miss about a week. The injury is to his arm, but per new Islanders injury policy, exactly what the injury is will remain unclear. In order to find new and creative ways to not tell fans the medical status of certain players, Islanders management was recently huddled around a table with the game "Operation." No word on whether the patient's nose lit up red.

The injury occurred in the third period and prevented Kyle from taking part in the shootout, where he likely would have been one of the 3 shooters. If the Isles aren't downplaying the extent of the injury, he should miss 2-3 games at most.

As an aside, this injury policy really needs to go away. I realize that the NHL is OK with the lack of disclosure, but given the DiPietro situation earlier this year, you are doing fans a disservice by hiding information from them most of the time. At a time when NHL teams should be bending over backwards to be fan-friendly considering the economy and their reliance on gate revenue, this is one easy way to be straight with the fans.


Rangerhater said...

Explain to me how knowing what the injury is to a player will make a difference in how you follow the team. In the case of KO, I don't have to watch another player reaching for the puck instead of skating. If you really want to talk about disservice, let's talk about that Okposo banner that has no business being displayed with real hockey players who have accomplished something.

OkposoNose said...

First of all... wow rangerhater that tirade sounded like a rangerlover.

Two... find and watch Bettman's interview with TSN's Off the Record and you will understand why this league is so unfriendly and unopen with its fans. The NHL has no idea what the letters PR mean.

Three... As I always say I am not a fan of hockey or the NHL, I am an Islanders fan.