Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kyle Injury Update

Okposo Net just returned from an Islanders Booster Club meeting where we were the guests of Gary Harding and his lovely wife Claire. Many thanks to them and their associates for creating a fun and festive time for all those in attendance.

Kyle was the featured speaker for the evening, and he appeared at the dais wearing a small, black wrist brace. When a youngster queried him on how the injury happened, Kyle was only willing to say that he became "tangled up with another player" at some point during the Vancouver game and injured himself.

When we had a moment after the event to chat, Kyle played down the severity of the injury, seeming confident that it is minor and believing that he won't be missing very much time.

While we're not orthopedic specialists, we're confident in saying that the injury appears to be some sort of wrist sprain rather than a fracture.


Yes NY Islanders said...


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OkposoNose said...

Anybody know how long the Brick (Comrie) is gonna be out? I saw today he's on IR... he can always go back to the furniture biz if this hip injury is really bad.

Dr. Hook said...

No idea, but considering he's probably home with Hilary Duff, I don't think he has a reason to be too concerned. Plus, I have a feeling he's not long for the Islanders anyway.