Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kyle to Appear at Booster Club Meeting

If you are interested in asking Kyle a question (or maybe even scoring an autograph), you'll want to attend the next Islanders Booster Club meeting at the Long Island Marriott. That will take place this coming Wednesday (11/19) at 7:30 PM.

We've been told that admission at the door will set you back just a measly fin ($5), so peel yourselves away from the keyboard for a few moments and come out for a fun, interactive night.

A more official-looking release can be found here, courtesy of the team website. If you need directions (it's next to the Coliseum!) please follow the links from that page as well.

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Rangerhater said...

Explain to me how knowing what the injury is to a player will make a difference in how you follow the team. In the case of KO, I don't have to watch another player reaching for the puck instead of skating. If you really want to talk about disservice, let's talk about that Okposo banner that has no business being displayed with real hockey players who have accomplished something.