Saturday, February 16, 2008

To Buy Or Not To Buy

Okay, amateur GMs out there, here's a question for you: If you were running the Islanders, what do you do with the trading deadline fast approaching?

Okposo Net has gone on record more than once as saying it was time to blow this grand experiment up. The team's recent seven game slide only intensified those feelings. However, the squad has hit a little bit of a positive stride now with a three game winning streak. Hey, we're as fickle as the next guy, though. With 61 points after Saturday's 4-1 win over Atlanta (more on that in a moment), the team still sits on the outside of the playoff window looking in, yet only 4 points out of a 6 seed (ignoring differences in games played). So, hockey fans, let's hear from you. Would you make a push for a low playoff berth by adding players and payroll or would you buy a roll of stamps and mail this season in? You can leave your thoughts at the bottom of this post.

Now, about that Atlanta game. Two notable events took place in the 4-1 Islander victory. The Islanders set a franchise record by allowing only 10 shots on goal, with Rick DiPietro saving 9 of them. It was, as coach Ted Nolan said, a total team effort and one of their finest games of the year.

Secondly, young forward Blake Comeau was speared, choked, and punched by Thrashers defenseman Garnet Exelby in the 3rd period. Comeau never dropped his gloves, mind you, yet Exelby saw fit to give Comeau's "undercarriage a bit of a how's your father" with his stick, as Austin Powers might say. Exelby then placed his hands around Comeau's throat and squeezed, then followed that with a punch. While Exelby was given a game misconduct, we believe a suspension must follow in the coming days. In the wake of the Chris Simon suspensions and other events, this was a case of 'intent to injure' if there ever was one. We'll see if the league handles this similarly.

Also, since this is Okposo Net, we should probably mention that Kyle is rolling merrily along, now with 6 goals and 11 assists for Bridgeport in 16 games. He still appears reluctant to shoot, but you can't argue with his chance-creating ability.

The Sound Tigers throw down against their rivals Hartford on Sunday afternoon. It's always entertaining when those two teams get together. We'll see if Kyle is physically tested in that one. Until then, keep those comments coming.


NYIsles1/IslesTigers said...

Good job on this blog, keep up the excellent work.

Isles have to keep winning from here and it's going to make the trade deadline a very interesting day.

They play like they did tonight how do they send those kids down or put Sillinger back with Hunter?


If you want me to add your link, please let me know.

7th Woman said...

I hope the league DOES look into this! It's only fitting!

Anonymous said...

Great job on the blog - enjoy it. Never give up hope. (but do not give up talent). Might part with Satan if you could get young talent in return. Keep focus on Lighthouse - - - we need it to fill the house on weeknights and make the Islanders a night out.

joe c said...

I'm not about to go into a long winded post. So heres the basics. The goal of every season is to win a stanley cup. If that can not happen, you must immediately start thinking towards next year. Trading people who we will definitely not resign in the offseason is a must and does not mean we are giving up on the season. Losing someone like satan or bergeron will not hinder our ability to reach the 8th seed now anyways. One and dones are so two years ago. Its not time to think towards long term stability.

Uncle Jr. said...

i agree with Joe C .... do not give up young talent and picks in what is expected to be a deep draft. This is hard with the streak now at 4 and 1 pt out of a playoff spot. If i was Snow I would stand pat with what we have and try and make a run. I would be willing to give up Satan or Guerin if the price was right. Guerrin to me has lost a step and sometimes plays as though he is going through the motions. Trading a d-man is out of the question now that Sutton is hurt.

OkposoNose said...

Buy. You cannot enjoy the glory of Lord Stanley's Cup without first making an effort to get to the dance. I know the Isles have not had much luck at the bottom of the playoff rung but a chance is better than reservations at Pebble Beach come April 5. The Isles are in a circumstance where they can part with some pending UFAs, get some talent in return and not have to squander youthful talent (i.e. Robert Nilsson).