Monday, February 25, 2008

T-Minus 17 Hours

Hello readers!

We're about 17 hours from the trading deadline and the news is eerily quiet. So far Peter Forsberg is returning to the NHL (COL), Mats Sundin (TOR) will not waive his no-trade clause, and the hot rumor is Bryan McCabe and his hefty salary to the Isles (we don't see it happening).

Anyway, we'll be live at the Coliseum on Tuesday to bring you the news as it happens. Perhaps our fearless leader Garth Snow will even drop by with a few sagacious words for the readers of this humble blog to enjoy...

Having never sat through a trading deadline in an official (or even semi-official) capacity, we don't quite know what to expect. We're just hoping the day isn't a dud, as these waiting games sometimes are. Well, at least lunch will be served!

Anyway, keep your web browsers tuned in here all day Tuesday and keep hitting refresh.

And now, a quick Kyle Okposo update:
21 games, 7 goals, 13 assists, +4, 8 penalty minutes

He has dipped below the point-per-game pace again, but only temporarily, we assure you.

(And we're also pretty sure he'll still be Islander property on Wednesday morning...).

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