Tuesday, February 26, 2008

That's All, Folks!

Just got back from speaking with Islanders' General Manager Garth Snow. We learned that Jeff Tambellini (who by now must be feeling like a yo-yo) will be called up in the wake of the Simon move.

New defenseman Rob Davison is with the team and should play this evening.

When we asked about Kyle Okposo, Garth was noncommittal, but said he wouldn't be surprised to see Kyle in an Isles jersey "at some point." Keeping things open-ended, wouldn't you say?

Well, Isles skate with the new-look Penguins in about 2 1/2 hours...


Jdriver said...

Hey guys
Havent commented for awhile but i figure with Chris Simon moving, I should!! I cant believe my Wild did such a thing. I am sure you are glad? to get him out of there, but i havent heard one person on the boards and very few on the local radio say that are ok with it. Wild trying to make the post season, much less make a huge push. Simon is not a game changer...in the good sense! The Wild love giving guys another chance (Alexander Daigle, Sean Hill, etc) but Simon is the guy gritty wing to compete with say, the Ducks? My God. I am so upset. I would have hated to part with Buch or Rolie, but tagged with a pick, we could have done something. Simon isnt liked by many people and this taints MN hockey tradition, and does not help our respect or team. Does he slash Ohlund or smack Pronger around if he gets angry?

Perhaps you will address the simon move in a future post since this is an isles blog.
frustrated wild fan

Okposo Island said...

Thanks for reading.

With respect to Simon, I was surprised at the move (didn't think he'd be tradable) but not shocked. After the critical reception he received from the fans for his first game back, the writing was on the wall.

Simon is a tough, big guy and seems to be a likable fellow (when I saw him in the locker room the other night). Unfortunately he has let his temper get the best of him too many times. When he stays within his role, he is solid and helps the team.

Not much more I can say. Maybe you'll watch him play a few games with the Wild and let us know your opinion.

Again, we appreciate the readership.

Matthew said...

Kudos to Snow for keeping the youth together and staying out of a crappy market. Those two trades were unbelievable for the value he got back.

Anonymous said...

hey, i just checked out the blog, nice work on it, i'll definitely keep reading- it's now in my bookmarks!

-the kid who walked up to you at the isles game looking for bd gallof :)

Jim McGlynn said...

Can't beleive Satan did not get moved. Blacklisted because of his knee, no- trade not waived? Disapointed as we need another high pick.

OkposoNose said...

Simon had to go after all the crap he put NY hockey through. But this trade wasn't about his antics, it was about his poor offensive performance this season. A pick for a winger who might not be hireable come July 1 was not a bad move. I agree though that is seems odd the Wild were willing enough to accept him.