Sunday, September 12, 2010

So Close You Can Smell It

As the title implies, the days are getting shorter and hockey season is nearly upon us again.

But first a few notes to our loyal readers: we haven't fallen off the face of the Earth. We're still here, and are primed to give you more frequent and deeper coverage than ever before.

The Blog Box, with new leadership and the continued blessing of the New York Islanders franchise, rolls on into its fourth season this autumn. Opening Night may not be until October, but we're ready to deliver news and views from training camp, which begins in just a few short days.

Most of the players have arrived on Long Island, ready for another dose of Coach Scott Gordon's tutelage. For a few of the boys it will be their first camp with the Islanders, so we hope to hear from them first. We'll also catch up with Doug Weight, Kyle, and anyone else who'll grant us a few minutes of their time.

While we're not here to paint a completely rosy picture, we must say that many people we've been in contact with expect bigger things from the young Isles this season. We're excited, and we hope our forthcoming stories will encourage you to be too.

Islanders fans have hungered for a team to be proud of, and the page may finally be turning on the rebuild. The Blog Box is also changing, though you won't notice it here. We, the bloggers, are taking our cues from people with a real vision of what the Blog Box can be, which is a refreshing and positive change. Expect more interactivity and videos, for sure. We may even have a special treat for you by the middle of next week.

To our new readers, thank you for choosing Okposo Net. To those of you who have been with us a while, thank you as well, and please stick with us for what promises to be another exciting campaign.

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