Friday, June 26, 2009

Settling In With 20 Minutes Until 7

Initial confusion over, we're ready to follow the draft for you. All day we have seen plenty of Islanders fans around town, including the contest winners that were flown up by the Isles.

Before we begin, let's (for the last time) go over the Islanders picks as they stand right now:

(Round 1) 1st Overall
(Round 1) 26th Overall (Formerly belonged to San Jose)
(Round 2) 31st Overall
(Round 2) 37th Overall (Formerly belonged to Toronto)
(Round 2) 56th Overall (Formerly belonged to Boston)
(Round 3) 62nd Overall
(Round 3) 91st Overall (Formerly belonged to Pittsburgh)
(Round 4) 92nd Overall
(Round 5) 122nd Overall
(Round 6) 152nd Overall
(Round 7) 182nd Overall

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