Friday, June 19, 2009

D-Day Minus 7

In this case, "D" means Draft. We're just a week away from June 26th, a date which we believe will be a watershed moment for the New York Islanders. In case you missed the news, Okposo Net will be in Montreal to share the sensory overload that will be the 2009 NHL Entry Draft. We plan on bringing our readers video, pictures, interviews, and of course, a live blog as the picks happen. And given this team's sometimes tumultuous draft history, who knows what else.

We, along with many others, believe the #1 pick will be John Tavares. But those of you pining for the Isles to take a large Swede may also be in luck, so be sure to stick around throughout the night if you can. Our friend Doug Davidson of Official's Outlook suggests that the Islanders may select David Rundblad at #26 (if they keep the pick). Since we're getting out of the prediction-making business this year, you can see Doug's complete first round mock draft here. Taking Rundblad, a 6'2" defenseman from the Swedish Elite League, might placate some of you in the Victor Hedman camp.

Whatever the outcome of the first day, we hope the Isles are shrewd enough to hold on to the #31 pick overall (1st pick - 2nd round). As others have pointed out, holding that pick is like having a '1A' selection, or the ability to take the "best of the rest" on Day 2. Rounds 2 through 7 take place on Saturday, so Garth and Ryan Jankowski and the scouts can huddle in their suites overnight, assess the situation, and pick 1st again. Delightful!

Whether you're at home relaxing, are one of the 16,000 or so lucky enough to attend the official draft party at Nassau Coliseum, happen to be stuck at work, or are anywhere else, we hope you'll find a few moments to log on to this site and share in our excitement next weekend. We can't wait, and we hope you'll enjoy what we and our fellow bloggers have to bring you.

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