Monday, February 9, 2009

No, We're Not Dead

Hey gang!

Sorry for going a while without an update to the page. We've been a bit out of the hockey loop lately and the post-winning streak euphoria has worn off. It feels a bit like Thanksgiving night in these parts, minus the Detroit Lions on the tube.

Anyway, our friends at the Islanders alerted us to some really fun, fan-friendly charity and auction events they're putting on this month. So even if your Rangers and/or Devils-fan friends/coworkers/spouses have got you feeling like a loser about rooting for the Isles, you can still be a winner this season!

Our good pal Dee (Islanders 7th Woman) kind of beat us to the punch with a post detailing the events; please give her the web hits and check that out here. The team will be offering some cool events and prizes, such as the skate, and we might actually want to bid on that ourselves.

As for the Isles, we got to talking with Dee about the Isles' next opponent, the Los Angeles Kings. We told her the last time we saw the Kings live they were likely wearing the purple sweaters! For us, the West Coast teams are fun to watch because they historically infrequently made a stop at Nassau Coliseum. We realize that is changing these days, but seeing teams like the Kings is still a special treat.

What we're saying is that despite having only 37 points this season, come to the NVMC on Tuesday (2/10) to see a rare visitor, and of course to enjoy "The Youth" (TM). We'll be there!

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