Saturday, January 31, 2009

Point Every Two Games

As someone said elsewhere, "Okposo gets better with each game." That statement held true on Saturday (1/31) as the Isles ended what had been a dreadful month with a third consecutive win. It's just win, win, win these days in Isladerland, we guess.

In scoring his 10th goal of the season in the 3-1 home victory over Florida, Kyle reached a threshold that we at Okposo Net had been personally rooting for. To this point in the season he has tallied 18 points in 36 games, which puts him on a pace of a point every two games. While this statistic may seem insignificant to most fans, to us it looked earlier this season as if the 'point every second game' pace was unreachable. Happily, we were wrong.

The expectations of his development have been raised, though, and we don't mind saying that you now almost expect Kyle to have a major impact in every game. Whether it's assisting on a goal, aiding the power play effort, or getting open for a smart pass from a teammate and banking a goal, the potential has shown itself.

Just as his prospect star began to slightly dim and adversity appeared, Kyle responded. We say unequivocally that he will be a major cog in the Islander machine that GM Garth Snow is attempting to build in the coming seasons.

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Dominik said...

Yes! It excites me to no end that he's only 20. His steady growth this year has been fun to watch. I don't think he realizes how good he can be.