Monday, March 10, 2008

It Makes Too Much Sense

Here's a question: If the NHL is going to arrange another outdoor game to be played, this time in New York, how can the Rangers' opponent NOT be the Islanders?

When I saw that the league wanted another Original Six team to play the Blueshirts in Yankee Stadium, I immediately wondered why they would pass up a golden opportunity. If there was ever a chance to showcase an intense non-Canadian hockey rivalry, I think Isles-Rangers would be it (sorry Devils fans, we hate each other more). Our friends over at Eye on the Island think it's a respect issue. They might be right.

In fact, if we're willing to assume that Yankee Stadium is a suitable venue for hockey, why not Shea Stadium too? How about a Yankee/Shea home-and-home series to send off both stadia? If they could play two baseball games in one day at each venue back in 2000, we don't see why playing two hockey games over a few days time should be too difficult. Especially with fields that will be bulldozed soon afterward.

The Original Six era has been over for 40 years. Come on Islanders, push the league execs back for once and make something happen.

In other news, the Isles signed Jesse Joensuu today, who was drafted behind Kyle in 2006. The good news is that he's big (6-4, 207 pounds) and young (20 years old). The bad news is he's Finnish, so Don Cherry will immediately think he's soft. We kid of course...

Good luck to Mr. Joensuu and we hope to see you on the Island soon!


w0lfpack said...

my thoughts exactly

7th Woman said...

The Islanders will never be the ones in to be showcased by the NHL. From a league marketing standpoint... it wouldn't make any sense.... or is tha cents.

OkposoNose said...

It makes sense financially in the NY, even to a less extent the national market but the league has for years only believe 2 teams exist in NY: the Rangers and Buffalo.

If the Isles had won 1 or 2 cups they would have been written off as lucky but the league to this day continues to try to pretend that the Isles dynasty didn't happen part of a much larger anti-Isles conspiracy.