Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10 (Islanders) People To Follow On Twitter

I was initially hesitant to join Twitter; I certainly didn't feel that I needed another time vampire in my life. My attitude has changed, however, and I find that social media can be a great way to get current Islanders news, opinions, and connect with your fellow fans.

Here's a list of 10 "Islanders essentials" that every Isles fan should be following, if they aren't already:

10. @NYIslanders. The official team account. News, press releases, special offers, etc. Tweets straight from the mother ship.

9. @KatieStrangNYI. Newsday's beat reporter. If the Islanders conducted their business from an underground bunker 30 floors below Fort Knox she would still get the story.

8. @ChrisBottaNHL. The former team employee hasn't turned his back on the club. He gives his own take on all things Islanders and provides a popular comment section/sounding board for the fans.

7. @Islesblogger. My fellow Blog Box member not only plays hockey, but lives hockey. He always has an interesting take on the current events in Islanderland.

6. @grabs40. Michael Grabner's account. Tweets are directly from the Islander forward. He's easily the most interactive player on the roster.

5. @RobCarlinMSG. Islanders and Mets superfan. It also help that he's MSG Network's pre- and post-game reporter for all Islanders games.

4. @7thWoman. Everybody knows Dee, right? She'll let you know what she's thinking, eating, wearing, and more. And somehow she ties it all in to the Islanders. I don't know she does it, but I appreciate it.

3. @IslesRM. A superb writer for 'The Checking Line' who got his start (and continues to write for) the Islanders Blog Box. When he's not watching or playing hockey, he's educating your kids.

2. This one's a tie. Everyone loves Matt Moulson (@MMoulson). Everyone except Kyle Okposo (@bookerT2116), that is. Honestly, along with Grabner the duo has a healthy friendship/rivalry. On *and* off the ice.

1. Lastly, me (@RealKenDick)! I know, shameless. But I do find following the Islanders incredibly fun. I have always said that the day it stops being fun is the day I stop writing/Tweeting. So far, it's still fun. And I am very much looking forward to this upcoming season.

So there you have it, folks. Get on Twitter and enjoy!

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