Saturday, October 30, 2010

No News On Okposo Return

Normally I wouldn't post something that adds no value to this site, but I am aware people are thirsty for information. I have noticed that the most searched item on the Internet with regards to Kyle Okposo is news on his injury and a date for his return from it.

As it stands now, we must go with the information the Islanders have issued, which is, frankly, very little. We know it was a shoulder injury, surgery was performed on it in Cleveland, and Kyle was expected to be out until December.

While it is the team's policy to forbid Kyle from speaking to the media while he is on Injured Reserve, he has attended several home games. His arm has been immobilized in a sling when he has been seen, and that's about it.

As soon as anything further is learned, it will be posted here. I apologize for the non-revealing nature of this post, but there really is nothing new to report. If you had missed any of the details of the Kyle saga so far this season, then I hope you found this brief recap helpful.

It has come to my attention that Kyle will be the in-studio guest on MSG Network's Hockey Night Live at 9:30 PM tonight (10/30). Hopefully we will learn more about his return.

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