Monday, June 21, 2010

Draft, Draft Party, and Preseason Schedule Announced!

This is a quick reminder that on Friday (6/25) evening at 7 PM EDT the 2010 NHL Entry Draft will be taking place. Unfortunately Okposo Net will not be traveling to Los Angeles to witness the selections live, but we will be live at the Nassau Coliseum draft party to bring you the Isles' pick as it comes in.

Speaking of the party, if you don't already have your free ticket(s) reserved (and why wouldn't you?) please head over to this link and reserve them now. Like we said, they're free, and it's a fun way to spend part of your Friday night.

In other news, the team announced their preseason schedule today. They'll be playing at various locations mentioned in the release, which is nice for some of our out-of-town fans.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday as the Islanders take another step in their building process. And no, we have no idea what Garth might do or who the team might select. That alone should be reason enough to show up at the Coliseum!

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