Sunday, November 29, 2009

After 100 Games

Saturday's (11/28) game in New Jersey marked Kyle's 100th career NHL game. Over that period, which covered parts of three seasons, he stands at 58 points. That number breaks down to 25 goals and 33 assists.

Not bad at all, but the number suffers a bit due to some lengthy spells of little or no scoring (such as one he's currently experiencing). But to bemoan an average of one goal every 4 games is silly. Kyle is doing quite well. Back in his college days we actually pegged him for more of a 'fewer goals, higher assists' type of player. But it hasn't turned out that way, as the goals have come just lightly less frequently than the helpers.

While his numbers are well off the paces of the Islanders greats of yesteryear (we won't even bother giving you those details), you have to factor in at least two things. For one, the game has completely changed since the dynasty days (we remember the 7-5 scores that were routine back then), so it's an unfair comparison. Furthermore, consider the quality of Islanders teams that Kyle has played on so far. There hasn't been much help there, save this year's improved squad. With few other playmakers and scorers around anyone's numbers would suffer.

Rather than dwell on what has passed, it's important for Kyle's fans to know that he can and should improve on his .58 points per game over his next 100 games. The talent is clearly there.

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