Friday, June 20, 2008

Wrapping up

Most of the crowd has left. They stuck around to see the pick and frankly, most of them left disappointed. It's not that they think Bailey will be a bad player; he is the type of player the Isles sorely need, if the scouting reports are true. I just think the crowd wanted a potentially franchise-altering "name" player, and they did not get it today.

I have a gnawing fear that this draft is going to be known as "The One Where Filatov Got Away." I hope I am wrong about that.

Remember, rounds 2-7 are tomorrow (Saturday), and the Isles will be busy picking all day.

Take care, everyone.


w0lfpack said...

I think your sentiment is dead on, but this is why the public should not run drafts.

The russian is a high risk/high reward whereas bailey's ceiling might not be as high he could have a faster impact on the club as his game should translate to the nhl's faster.

Thanks for the coverage and look forward to the upcoming conversations regarding free agency and the beginning of the season.

ken d. said...

Looking forward to it. Be well.

chris said...

TSN is absolutely dead-on:

"McKenzie: A good all-around pick, Bailey will be a good player in the NHL, but the Islanders traded down twice knowing they could get him. Ultimately, we will look back and note that the Islanders could have had Luke Schenn, they could have had Nikita Filatov..."

More of the same from the worst-run franchise in the league. Typical.

Alan said...

The 'Milbury syndrome' is on. It is not a shame to draft Bailey, but the Islanders could have played it better by getting Filatov.