Thursday, May 8, 2008

In Honor of CB

A few days ago the Blog Boxers were dealt some stunning news when we read that Media Relations VP Chris Botta would be leaving the organization. While we'll never know the real motivations behind the move (and it's not our business anyway), we will miss his humor, wit, honesty, and, of course, the locker room body checks he was fond of dishing out to unsuspecting bloggers. As an all around good-guy, we wish Chris the best in whatever challenge(s) he takes on next, be it personal or professional. He offered guidance during this experiment known as the Blog Box, and in turn we affectionately nicknamed him the "Blogfather," a moniker that stuck. Since we at Okposo Net always prefer to treat serious subjects with humor rather than lament, we offer you the Top 5 reasons why we think he really left:

5. Couldn't pass up sweet gig coaching the Knicks.

4. Hired as Sean Avery's new "image coach." Currently training by spraying turds with perfume.

3. With Jagr in Europe, James Dolan had to hand *someone* 8.5 million bucks.

2. After 20 years, realized he wasn't "that into hockey."

1. With Isles so close to the Cup, figured PR would just "handle itself."

Good luck, CB. We'll miss you!


Islanders Outsider said...

Funny stuff, O'Net. (Can I call you O'Net?) Thanks for adding a light touch to all this.

ken d. said...

"O'Net" works for me. What wasn't said in the post is that we all hope CB continues his blogging from wherever he lands.

BTW, your off-season posts have been great.

Uncle Jr said...

Funny list .... CB will be posting (but unfortunetley only till July 7....)

7th Woman said...

Nice job Ken. I too thought of what might happen if CB ventured to the dark side of the evil Dolan empire. At first I shuddered, then I thought... Nothing better than having one of "us" on the inside. It may be perfect.

OkposoNose said...

That Cup is around here somewhere. It's just gotta be!