Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bridgeport a Go-Go

Ken had a great post below on today's tilt in Bridgeport - please scroll down. I'll just add a little more info.

First, a big thanks to Kimber Auerbach for the press pass - Ken is the star of the show at our blog, and I'm just happy to come along for the ride. It was my first time at the Arena at Harbor Yard, and the Sound Tigers organization puts on a very good presentation for the fans. Also, it's notable that the Arena is much nicer than the Coliseum - in other words, LET THE DAMN LIGHTHOUSE PROJECT GO THROUGH ALREADY. Otherwise, the Isles are going to end up like the 1990s Cincinnati Bengals -- unable to attract any marquee free agents due to the lack of modern facilities.

Unfortunately, the Sound Tigers were sluggish today, and while they seemed to get their legs in the third period, Binghamton goaltender Brian Elliott was up to the task and the Senators came away with a 3-1 win. Unofficially, Okposo had about 19 minutes of ice time - a little less than previous games, but also understandable considering three games in three days. Even with the fatigue, there were several instances where Okposo showed his puckhandling ability, and a slightly more accurate shot might have netted him his second professional goal. Another good sign - Okposo actually looked to get stronger as the game went on, which bodes well for his ability to handle the rigors of a full NHL season.

Overall, a fun time was had by all, and one would have to say that Kyle Okposo passed his first professional test with flying colors.

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