Wednesday, October 3, 2007

UM is getting ready. Are you?

Fans, the University of Minnesota's regular season begins October 12th with the IceBreaker Invitational (Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN). And while we can't get up there to see that tournament, we are making plans to see Okposo in person sometime this season, with a trip to the Twin Cities.

While we are pretty much the only independent site for Kyle Okposo info on the web, we are limited in what we can bring you. But soon that is about to change. Thanks to a generous offer from the NYI organization, we'll have the chance to ask some things we want to know about Kyle and their future plans for him. But, we'd also like to know what YOU want to know about Kyle. If you read and enjoy this blog, have a relevant question, or even if you hate this site and just want to let us know, please feel free at any time use the comment button located beneath each entry. We'll answer you promptly or relay your question to the Isles if we can't answer it ourselves.

Now, to give you a taste of what a special talent we think Kyle is, have a look at this goal from last season. The clip runs about 1 minute.

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Luis Angel said...

go gophs! as a brooklyn, new york native - and an ardent fan of the yankees and isles - i'm right there with ya. up in the good ol' upper midwest working on my grad degree at the "u" - and a season ticket holder with minnesota's pride on ice. i'll be at the ibt, pulling for okposo and the rest of the boys.