Friday, September 21, 2007

We're All Islanders (Bloggers)

Welcome NYI Blog Box readers! We're so excited that the Isles have decided to make Okposo Net part of their new BLOG BOX feature. We hope to bring you all of the fresh Kyle Okposo news as it rolls in.

We must correct an injustice, though. If you found this blog through the aforementioned Isles website, you'll see a picture (unflattering) and bio of Ken Dick, known here as 'Okposo Island.' But not pictured, and deserving equal or more credit for his effort is Brett Schmitt (Okposo Nose). He's an experienced blogger and runs another Isles blog, Former Islanders Watch (

Brett has recently packed up his bags and moved to Beverly (Anaheim, actually) and he and his wife are expecting their first child any second now. No, I'm not joking, it could be happening right now. Or now. Anyway, he'll still be contributing to both blogs and when not juggling school and family you'll find him screaming himself hoarse for his beloved Islanders on the road versus the Kings or Ducks.

Before the season starts, we may be able to get some pictures of the Hockey Hall of Fame up for your viewing pleasure. It was a great experience, and we took lots of Isles-related pictures while there. I suggest it to any hockey fan who finds themself in Toronto.

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