Thursday, January 4, 2007

Step It Up

I am starting to doubt the Islanders right now and that is bad considering I have very few good memories to fall back on when it comes to this team. I came into the season with so much hope: Miro was back, Sillinger had scored 32 goals last season, Brendan Witt was strong on the blueline and Blake was still in orange and blue. Then it happened - the whomping that was the first 3 games. Hope was waning.

Then the season picked up pace. Things were looking up. The Islanders were battling for 1st in the Atlantic Division, nay, they led the Atlantic Division! Now what? As the season begins spiraling out of control the fans are left gaping hoping this is a fluke. Four losses in a row! It's just a fluke, right?

I am starting to believe we have seen the best this corps of 30-somethings has to offer. Dipietro is a great goaltender but a puck-stopper does not a team make. Blake is the best stick we have on the ice. Arron Asham is the best post and crossbar nailer in the game.

But I remain hopeful. Let's not give up just yet. Let's see if the the Long Island boys can turn it around. With a little more positive thinking, a little more team play and a little more fire, maybe, just maybe they can turn this ship around and get it on course again. Maybe.

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